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Dog Grooming

We offer dog grooming Monday through Friday by appointment only!

Drop Off Times Between 7:30-8:30am

Pick Up Times Between 2:00-5:30pm

Our Services

Nail Trims

In and Out Service

A La Carte

Nail Trims - $12

Nail Buffing - $15



Nail Trim

Ear Cleaning

Brush Out

Anal Glad Expression*

Paw Pad Shave*

Sanitary Trim*

Full Grooms


Nail Trim

Ear Cleaning

Brush Out

Full Body Hair Cut

Paw Pad Shave

Sanitary Trim

Anal Glad Expression*

Add any of these services to your bath or groom!

Deshed Shampoo & Blow Out - $10-15

Nail Buffing - $5

Our Prices

Pricing is based on your dog's size, coat length, coat condition, and type of hair cut. Prices are always subject to change at the groomers' discretion. Quotes given over the phone are not final. 

Starting Bath Prices

  • Under 10lbs - $20

  • 10-25lbs - $25

  • 26-40lbs - $30

  • 41-60lbs - $35

  • 61-80lbs - $40

  • 80-100lbs - $45

  • Over 100lbs - $50

Full Groom Prices

Small Dogs - start at $50

  • Ex. yorkies, shih-tzus, maltese, toy poodles

Medium Dogs - $55-65

  • Ex. spaniels, small doodles, golden retrievers

Large Dogs - $70+

  • Ex. medium - large doodles, standard poodles, german shepherds, huskies

Feel free to bring a photo reference for your dog's haircut. We will try to replicate it as best we can.

Vaccine Requirements

All grooming dogs must be up to date on bordetella, rabies, and DHPPC (distemper/parvo) vaccines.

Vaccines must be given by a licensed veterinarian! Please have your vet email or fax us your pet's vaccine records to speed up the process!


  • We do not groom cats. We recommend you ask your vet.

  • We do not take walk-ins or same day appointment requests!

  • We do not have a walk in shower or bath tub ramp and might not be able to accommodate extra-large dogs. Please call and ask!

  • We are regularly booked out 2-3 weeks in advance.

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