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Reviews from Our Customers

September 2021

H. Weber (Honey Bear)

"Abbott's came to my rescue when I had to leave town for a family emergency on a Friday evening over a holiday weekend. They are always kind and generous and treat my pup like one of their own. Five stars all around!"

November 2021

L. Finks (Jada & Bentley)

"I've used Abbott's for quite some time now. I'm not sure how I haven't left a them a review sooner! I'm always very pleased with how they care for my babies but especially this past week. One of my pups has had an issue with a spot on her leg and I was so afraid of boarding her. All of the staff at Abbott's made sure she didn't touch her leg, made sure she got her medicine and really catered to my babies. Her leg looked better than it did when I dropped her off! Huge shout out to them and to Marti for always being so understanding and accommodating. Highly recommend them and a big thank you from Jada & Bentley!"

March 2022

B. Keeler (Fiona)

"You folks are a godsend! I appreciate all of the TLC shown to my "problem child" Fiona. Since my husband passed away you make it possible for me to travel again. THANK YOU!"

August 2022

E. Martin (Bear)

"I have a German Shepherd (Bear) who has really bad anxiety and is not a people person at all! I always have a hard time leaving him for boarding. I left him for a week at Abbott's and he did better than I could have hoped for! They left him alone when he didn't want to be bothered and also fed him his special diet that had to be refrigerated and warmed. I am very grateful to find a place that can cater to the special personality and dietary needs of your individual pet. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them!"

November 2022

M. Mondon (Wanda & Dugan)

"I have been using Abbott's boarding for a very long time. Time goes by fast, but I believe for at least 15 years. I recently used them for 10 nights for two dogs while on an international trip. One of the dogs is almost 17 and the other is 14. They always take such good care of the dogs. Still very happy after all these years, and will continue to take my dogs there."

February 2023

T. Young (Neya & Garcia)

"We have used Abbott's Groom and Board 4 times now and every single time it's a wonderful experience. This time was by far the best. I called up and made a reservation because my father-in-law was in hospice care. I asked them if it would be a problem to bring my two dogs in with very little notice. They said it was not a problem. Took my dogs in, cared for them, and when it was time to pick them up they discounted the price because it was a bereavement visit. I was still very upset when I came to pick up the dogs and this made my day so much better. They are a kind and compassionate family and I would recommend them highly."

July 2023

J. O'Malley (Madison)

"Thank you for taking such great care of our little Madison for the past two plus weeks. She's happy as can be and not stressed at all. You are terrific and truly care for your clients!"

October 2023

J. Bowman (Max)

"To all of you at the kennel I want to thank you so much for taking care of Max for the last 16 years. When he was with you I never had to worry about him and all I had to do was say you are going to Marti's and Max would get excited because you let him bark. Thanks, Nita."

October 2023

T. Malloy (Tank)

"It's so comforting to know that while we're away, Tank is still loved and cared for. Abbott's has become his home away from home. The staff at Abbott's is very kind and attentive. We're extremely blessed to have found them!"

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